Monday, April 2, 2007


the peck was established in 1883 by Prague born pork-butcher Francesco Peck, one of the most celebrated names of international delicatessen shops, managed since 1970 by the stoppani brothers. over 3300 square metres, on three floors, with a selection of the best foods from the world (the first floor) and a wine cellar with more than 5000 labels(the basement). so unlike any other gourmet stores in europe, the peck is huge and has a very modern look. it has more than 100 different cheese selections, incredible variety for cured meats, olive oils, salt etc. this is also the first time i have seen this many kinds of pasta.the second floor is tea salon, where they also sell gourmet coffees and own chocolate brands.if you are foodies, this is definitely one stop you should try....

address: via Spadari 9 near duomo piazza

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